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Pure Shock provides cutting edge nutrition with the purest ingredients of the highest quality in the industry. Our formulas undergo rigorous clinical testing and contain researched-based therapeutic doses of nutrients. We guarantee that every product is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on our label. All Pure Shock formulas undergo independent third party analysis and are professional grade which means the product has been manufactured to meet or exceed certified NSF GMP, NSF Sport & TGA quality standards.

Quality Control and Assurance


This department tests and verifies the identity, purity, potency and composition of all raw materials when they come in and all finished products before they leave the facility. This includes heavy metal testing for lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. As an added safety measure, in instances where we suspect there is even the slightest possibility of contamination, we have the product tested for a wide variety of potential contaminants (such as residual solvents, pesticides, PCBs, gluten, citrinin, peak-X, etc.), allowing Pure Shock to stand behind its products as the purest in the industry.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) guarantee that our formulas meet strict requirements for product quality, as defined by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. In order to meet FDA quality standards, our products must consistently meet the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, composition, and contaminants. GMP’s also confirm that the product has been manufactured, packaged, and labeled according to the FDA’s guidelines. We are continually and proactively making improvements to make certain that we are up-to-date with the most current GMP standards, including equipment, procedures, and processes.

Third-Party Tested

We require regular, independent, third-party testing to verify our formulas meet the stringent standards we use for quality and purity. This means that every batch of our product is tested by a qualified lab for an accurate analysis of its contents. We guarantee that each of our high-quality formulas is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label, meet or exceed GMP quality standards, and undergo rigorous testing – promise you can only expect from Pure Shock.

Quality Certified

In addition to our own internal audits, we have also sought third-party GMP registration through NSF International, one of the most respected independent product testing organizations. Maintaining our prestigious NSF registration requires regular on-site inspections or our manufacturing facilities to make sure we are complying with the strictest standards for product and ingredient quality and safety. We have also earned the NSF GMP for Sports registration, which assures customers that our facility is free of more than 180 substances that are banned or prohibited by sports organizations from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list. It also ensures that adequate controls are in place to guarantee the production of clean supplements that athletes can rely on.

Superior Packaging

For formulas that are especially sensitive to oxygen and moisture, using the highest-quality and most potent ingredients won’t matter if you’re not using proper packaging to maintain that formula’s strength and stability. With traditional bottle packaging, once the seal is broken, the bottle is flooded with oxygen and moisture – which, for some formulas, can affect the stability of each capsule in the bottle. To combat this, we employ a variety of packaging options to ensure that the integrity of each product is maintained.

Blister Packs and Sachets

Our individual nitrogen-purged blister packs and sachets allow the user to dispense one capsule or dose at a time, without exposing the remaining contents. The nitrogen-Purged packaging ensures that oxygen is removed and offers an effective barrier that prevents outside moisture and oxygen from rapidly degrading these sensitive products, thus maintaining optimum formula potency.

Closed-Loop System

Working with one Quality Control-reviewed product at a time, we use a tri-phase blending process that we refer to as the “Closed-Loop System.” By using air-tight intermediate-bulk containers, we ensure that we start with a clean product and end with a clean product. Our blending process is unique because we employ custom-made blending totes, a Donaldson Torit dust collection system, cone mills for uniform particle distribution and a state-of-the-art gravity-fed system. These ensure the lowest potential for cross contamination per FDA guidelines and that we are adhering to our own strict standards for purity.

Humidity Control

The humidity and temperature inside our manufacturing environment is completely controlled, with humidity in these crucial areas reduced to as low as 15%. By decreasing humidity, the efficiency of our equipment operations is increased and the potential for degradation of raw materials is reduced – resulting in higher product quality and safety. Natural health formulas are sensitive, and they often lose quality and shelf life when they come into contact with moisture in the air. This is just one of the many cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities we use to make sure you get the safest and most reliable formulas possible.

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