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Athletes and fitness minded individuals alike seek to maximize their body’s potential. Performing at high levels of physical activity also means the demands of nutrients are going to be higher. PureShock sports  formulas help individuals achieve optimal body composition, enhance tissue-repairing mechanisms, improve cellular energy productions, support electrolyte replacement, stress demands and recovery in the body.

While many popular sports nutrition supplements contain higher levels of sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavors, PureShock cutting edge Sports formulas contain natural sweeteners and flavors, are non-GMO, hormone, pesticide and chemical free, with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers. All products meet or exceed certified GMP NSF, NSF Sport and TGA quality standards.

Featured Blogs:

Do Athletes Need to Take Probiotics?

Did you know that the bacteria in your body outnumber your body's cells 10 to 1?  Most of these critters are located in your gut.  In fact, 90% of our genetic makeup comes from these bacterias that live in our guts.  Having the right kinds of bacteria living in the...

Fish Oil Benefits for Athletes

Omega-3 Fatty acids must be obtained through diet and supplementation. They are not naturally made by our bodies and it's impossible to consume enough through our diet alone. Even if you are making the effort to eat wild salmon, avocados, and nuts, you are not...

Is Strength Training For Everyone?

The short answer...Yes!  Strength training, by far, is the only form of exercise that can give you the most physical, mental and overall health benefits.  You'll get the most bang for your buck with strength training.  Strength training does not mean you're in the gym...

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