Minds Matter

PureShock brain formulas are designed to address brain health, structure, and function, including support for long and short term memory, cognitive ability, sleep, healthy mood, and stress management.

Top Products:

Minds Matter - Neuro


Patented Magnesium for the Brain
Minds Matter - DHA

Ultra Omega

3X Higher Absorption, Peak Concentration, Saturation Potential
Minds Matter - Probiotic Boost

Probiotic Boost

A Four-Strain Probiotic Totaling 30 Billion CFU per Capsule
Minds Matter - Recovery


Promotes a calm, relaxed, well-balanced emotional and physiological state.

Featured Blogs:

Gut Health: What’s the Microbiome?

Have you heard of the Gut Microbiome or Gut Microbiota? If not, this is the new, more accurate description of what we use to refer to as the Gut Flora. What is the gut microbiome? It's the microbe population that lives in our intestines. Our intestines contain tens of...

Minds Matter: Brain Rehab Steps Week 4

You've made it to Week #4 of Brain Rehab!  Congratulations!  If you missed it, here's Week #1, Week #2 and Week #3 of Brain Rehab.  This week the focus is on putting it all together.  Your focus this week is to take the prior week's changes and add them all together...

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